Through Time 2:2001 WalkthroughThrough Time 2:2001 Walkthrough

Step by Step Walkthrough

The books need to be arranged in the same order as the colors of the rainbow. However, green-color book is missing. You can find it the nightstand drawer under the Spice Girls poster.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light blue, Dark blue, Violet

The bookshelf will slide away revealing a door. At the bottom right corner, there is a button called Activate. Click it

To activate computer, follow the steps described in "bookshelf" above

Answer a set of questions in order to open the secret door

You can find the answer by looking inside the fridge as well as by looking at the recipe book inside a kitchen drawer


You can find the answer by looking at the fridge magnets and the magazine in the bathroom


You can find the answer by looking at the ID inside the nightstand drawer under the Spice Girls poster

24 06 79

You can find the answer by looking at the receipt inside a grey jacket hanging in the closet (opposite wall)


The clock's time is a hint for opening a safe inside the closet (opposite wall)

The poster gives a hint of how to open the drawer in the nightstand located below the poster. Please read "Nightstand drawer" below

The hint for the code is given by the Spice Girls poster

The number of fingers each Spice is showing

through time 2 walkthrough

This window, compared to the one in the kitchen, gets a lot of sunshine

Plant from the kitchen window and the fertilizer. To get the fertilizer, please follow the steps in the "Toilet tank" in the bathroom. To help you figure this out on your own, read the instructions in the recipe book inside the kitchen drawer. (Follow the instructions in the "Drawer near window" in the Kitchen).

Put the plant on the window, then pour the fertilizer on it. The plant will open up and give you a key

Click on the brown shoes under the coat rack to get a key

Certain objects on the painting look like they're not in their right spot. Drag them to their correct spots

The rose near the pool goes to where all the roses are. The scarecrow in the garage goes on the grass. The car on the grass goes inside the garage. The life saver ring goes in the pool and the pipe with smoke, coming out, goes on the house roof.

After solving the puzzle, you will get dominoes.

Get the key from inside the brown shoes under the coat rack

Click on the jackets to rotate them until you see a receipt in the pocket. You can click on the receipt to look closer

Click on the folded clothes to remove them from the shelf. In the back of the shelf, there is a hidden safe

There are three clocks in the apartment. They give the numbers for the safe

1) On the pile of books next to the computer. 2) On a small table in the bathroom. 3) On a cupboard in the kitchen.

Use minutes as the number to enter and hours as the order


Through Time 2 walkthrough

Screwdriver. To get it, follow the steps in the "Drawer near window" in the Kitchen.

Flush the water by clicking on the button on the left, then use the screwdriver to get the fertilizer.

The watch gives a hint to the safe in the closet and the magazine gives a hint to the computer questions.

Handle. To get it, follow the steps in the "Cupboard next to the stove" in the kitchen.

After using the handle, you'll get a cylinder. Follow the steps in the "Grey cylinder" in Inventory to open it.

The magnets give a hint to the questions on the computer.

If you click on the lower fridge handle,the fridge will open. Take the cheese. Other fridge contents give a hint to the questions on the computer.

Located on the left from the fridge. Click under the table to get there

Put cheese in the mouse hole. The mouse will show up with a key. Take the key. To get the cheese follow the instructions in the "Fridge".

Arrange the pictures in such a way that the name of each picture begins with a letter that was the last letter of the name of the preceding object. For example, SchooL LovE Elf Flower. You can solve the puzzle by using the names in English. Or you can solve it in the language chosen (French or Russian). The English solution will work regardless of the language chosen

Through Time 2 Walkthrough

After solving the puzzle, you will get a wooden object

Take the plant

The key will be given by a mouse. Follow the steps in the "Mouse hole".

The book itself is a hint for one of the computer questions.
Flip through the pages to the end. Get the screwdriver. Read the instructions about plantcare.

Inside the cupboard, click on the upper right corner to reveal a dominoes board.

You need the remaining dominoes. To get them follow the step in the "Painting on the left from the coat rack" (Wall with a door and a painting)

Arrange the dominoes correctly by making same pictures face each other.

Begin by putting the dominoes that can only go into one place.

Through Time 2 Walkthrough

through time 2 walkthrough

The dominoes board will slide up to give you a handle

The key is given by the plant. Follow the steps in the "Window" (Wall with a bed and a Spice Girls poster).
Safe will give you a wooden piece.

Place the complete wooden object in the center of the board. To assemble the wooden object, please follow the steps in "Round wooden object" in Inventory.
The board will slide up revealing the wall with time objects

Take the object from 2095, a year after Alianna was born. Use it on the time tools. Follow the steps in "Time tools" in Inventory.

Gives you Alianna's birth year (Revealed in episode 1).

After dominoes are placed correctly, they will spell out a lettered code.

through time 2 walkthrough

The cylinder will give you a wooden object

You need to place three wooden objects, hidden around the apartment, into the geometric holes.

Object 1: Follow the steps in in the "Closet door", "Clothes folded" (Wall with a closet and a hallway)

Object 2: Follow the steps in "Table puzzle" in the Kitchen

Object 3: Follow the steps in "Grey cylinder" above.

Place the object from the future between the two poles and you will be transported into the future. To get the object, please follow the steps in "White board" in Secret Room.

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