Privacy Policy

We value our customers' privacy. Please read this privacy policy to learn about our use of information and how it's stored.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files that a website you visit may save on your computer or handheld device that usually include a unique identifier. There are various types of cookies: some are required for a site to function properly and some are used to improve user experience by storing user preferences. To find out more detailed information about cookies, you may visit the following Wikipedia page.
If you do not wish for the cookies to be placed on your PC, you may disable them by changing the security settings of your browser. However, doing so will render a large portion of sites that rely on essential cookies unusable.

Necessary Cookies

Certain features on our site will not work without us placing necessary cookies on your browser. For example, if you choose the 'dark mode' template, we need to place an identifier on your browser in order for our website to recognize your template choice and propagate it across all pages. We do not use these cookies to identify you and or use your choices for marketing purposes.

Google Products

This website uses Google Analytics to obtain general information regarding our visitors, such as the pages being accessed, aggregate geographical information, general movements between our pages, and other similar data used to improve our website's functionality and user experience, as well as to detect fraudulent activity.

This website also uses Google Advertising products in order to continue to provide free content to our customers. By default we serve personalized ads which display advertising more relevant to you and your interests, derived by Google from your search history and internet activity. If you choose not to provide consent to personal advertising, we will show non-personalized ads. However, the non-personalized ads still need to set cookies on your browser in order to function properly and combat fraud. To find out more about advertising choices provided by Google, please visit their Privacy and Terms page.

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Some parts of our website use Google reCAPTCHA services, needed to detect automated non-human access to our site in order to prevent potential security breaches that may arise.

Personal Information

In order to eliminate fraudulent voting, we assign each submitted vote a string of characters based on the ip address of the user. The ip address is hashed using a one-way encryption algorithm meaning that it cannot be traced back to the original ip address.
This information is not shared with any other companies, and is used only to avoid double voting. No other personal information is collected or stored in our database at this time.

Server Logs

Please note that for security purposes, our server is configured to retain log files about our website visitors for a short period of time. The raw log files accumulate the information about each visit to our site including visitor's ip address.
The information is used to discover, track and prevent malevolent site attacks that have the potential to put our visitors' security at risk.
The information logged is not shared with anyone and is deleted shortly after.

Third-party Links

Please note that we sometimes share links to other websites and include games made by other developers. We recommend that you review their privacy policy, as we do not have control over their applications' functionality.

Policy Changes

We may make changes to this privacy policy in the future. When it happens, all our users will be notified when they visit our site.

User Consent

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