Escape the Roomio Walkthrough

Step by step walkthrough

Pick up the leaves under the plant, on the right from the couch.

Drop them in the blue trash bin, on the right from the table.

The hint for it is in the upper drawer.

Mimic the connection bars in the upper left corner of the cellphone (Height: 1,2,3,3,4). Get the bottle of water when the drawer opens.

Pour water into the blue trash bin with leaves in it.

The leaves in water show a code (in Roman numerals). Use it on the box in the scene with the exit door, placed on the cupboard. Inside the box you will find a part of a key.


Screwdriver is located in the pencil holder on the table, on the right from the books.

Click the top of the blue couch to zoom in. You will see that the couch is screwed to the wall. Use screwdriver to unscrew it.

Click on the lower right bottom of the couch to zoom in. Now that the couch is not attached to the wall, you can get the stick hidden behind it.

Use the stick to get cleanex located on the tall cupboard in the room with 4 paintings. Without the stick you wouldn't have been able to reach it

The hint for opening the luggage (located in the room with 4 paintings) is on the cleanex box.

Each button is in a geometrical shape. Count the number of lines before they reach an angle, which will give you the number of times the button needs to be pressed. However, you still need to get the order in which to press them.

Count the numbers of flowers in different colors painted on the cleanex box. To get the cleanex box, follow the instructions in the "Screwdriver" above.

The first one to be pressed is a yellow circle. Press it once, as it only has one line and no angles. Second is a triangle, which needs to be pressed 3 times. Third is the blue square to be pressed 4 times. Last is the green pentagon, which needs to be pressed 5 times.

When the luggage opens, drag the clothes out of the way in order to get a key part under it.

If you click on them, they rotate.

The hint is the 4 clocks above the table in the scene on the left from the paintings scene. You have to rotate the paintings to mimic the clock handles.

Escape the Roomio game hints

After the paintings are rotated correctly, they will reveal a place for entering a code.

The code is shown on the cleanex box. (To get the cleanex box follow the instructions described in "Screwdriver" above)
If you click on the tissue in the cleanex box, it will show the code. Enter it in the wall safe under the painting to get a key part.

Grey case can be found behind the laundry hamper in the scene with the exit door.

The code is revealed on the paper hidden in the guitar. Zoom in on the guitar to get it.

If you pronounce the objects painted on the paper, they will sound like letters.

Tea (T), Bee(B), Sea(C), Eye(I), Pea(P).
After you enter these letters in the grey case, it will open to reveal another key part.

The hint is given by the books on the table. Click on them to zoom in, then click on each book to see the arrow on it.

Starting from number "1" in a circle follow the arrow on the first book to get the first digit. Then starting from that digit follow the arrow on the second book to get the second digit and so on.

Escape the Roomio game hints


The code needs to be entered in the cupboard next to the exit door in order to open it.
After you open it, take the glue. (A bottle showing a circle with two pieces being attached together).

Enlarge the 4 key pieces and use glue on them in order to get a full functioning key. Use it on the door and you're out!

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