Cozy Cottage WalkthroughCozy Cottage Walkthrough

Step by Step Walkthrough

Arrange the pictures according to "what eats what". Obviously, bird, for example, can eat several insects depicted but only 1 animal can eat the bird.

cozy cottage game hint

You need to write a new word on each line by changing only 1 letter of the word on the preceding line. Continuing to do so, you must arrive at the word on the last line.

Possible solution: lake, lame, lime

The hint for the circles is given by the books on the book shelf. In order to get the order, you must spell out a word by combining the colored letters

cozy cottage game hint

After you get the weights place them on the weighing plates so that the plates are just below the black line

7(6+1), 7(3+4), 5(1+4), 2

The number is given by the weights after they are placed correctly

The number is given by the equation on the colorful board under the map.The puzzle should be solved without taking order of operations into consideration. (It's not the right way to do math, kids, so don't so it elsewhere)

cozy cottage game hint

The code is written on the picture above the fireplace after all the pieces on it are arranged correctly


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