Calsta Fortin Medal 2: underwater WalkthroughCalsta Fortin Medal 2: underwater Walkthrough

Step by Step Walkthrough

Middle scene: pink shell is behind the left mountain at the bottom, blue shell is behind the seaweed at the back, next to the white coral; Right scene: red shell is on the right, purple shell is on the left in front of the seaweed. Left scene: green shell is in the seaweed next to the right stone.

Can be found in the left scene next to the left stone.

Can be found in the left scene on the right.

Can be found in the middle scene. Click on the white coral to zoom in on it. The icepick is stuck in it.

Use flashlight on it. Get the crowbar.

Use crowbar on them. Get a pouch with little pictures

Use flashlight on it. Zoom in on the picture you see. Some writing is hidden behind dirt.

Use sponge on it

"Something in common"

Each column contains words that have something in common between each other. That something is a letter.


Zoom in on it and use ice pick on it. Take the fish food and a yellow sea shell.

Zoom out of the hole close-up and pick up one of the crumbled stones.

Break it with the stone you picked up by following the steps described in the "Left scene: crack in the wall".

You get the code if you follow the steps described in the "Right scene: hot spot in the middle of the dark background". Get the shovel behind the code.

Give them fish food. They will come out to eat it and arrange themselves in order.

Green, pink, yellow, blue, purple, red.

Place them in the middle screen in a certain order. To get all the shells, please follow the instructions in the "Seashells" as well as "Left scene: crack in the wall" steps.

The order is revealed by the fish. To get it, please follow the instructions in the "Fish" steps. After you arrange the shells in the correct order, a scroll with a hint will be given.

They are located on the right, in the middle scene. If you click in the correct order, 4 letters will be revealed

The order is given by the scroll, which can be obtained by following the instructions in the "Sea shells".


It's located on the left in the middle scene. Its corner is sticking out from the sand. Use shovel to dig it out. To get shovel, please follow the steps in the "Left scene: code behind glass".

The code to open it is revealed after solving the puzzle with yellow dots. Please follow the steps described in "Yellow dots". Inside the chest you will find the access card.

It's attached to the side of the left mountain.

To solve it you need to place little pictures in the empty spots in order to finish the story. To get the pictures, please follow the steps in the "Middle scene: stones at the bottom, next to the right mountain".

Calista Fortin 2 Underwater game hints

"I was awaken by alarm clock in the morning. I had a small headache because I drank beer the night before, so I decided to have a good cup of coffee. Then I went to the gym. After taking a shower, I went to the office where I worked on my computer all day long. In the evening I had chicken for dinner. Before going to bed at night, I decided to read a book and then 5 min later I was asleep."

After the story is assembled, a card reader is revealed. Use the access card on the card reader and you're out. To get the access card, please follow the steps in the "Chest"

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