Calsta Fortin Medal 1: rescue WalkthroughCalsta Fortin Medal 1: rescue Walkthrough

Step by Step Walkthrough

The hint is the length of the wigs, located on the left from the computer.

First lever: third line from the top, Second lever: fourth (last) line from the top, Third lever: second line from the top, Fourth lever: first line from the top (shortest wig).

Get the missing shoelace, which is located in the small cupboard with a drawer at the wall with four glasses on a shelf. After the lace is in, the code will appear.


Every time you press the square below the word "ROSE", the picture on it changes. You need to get the picture depicting something with a name starting with the letter above it.

R: arrow pointing to the right; O: Orange; S: Soccer ball; E: Elephant

The missing part is located behind the puzzle with the word "ROSE" written on the wall next to the small cupboard with a drawer. To solve the "ROSE" puzzle please read the steps described in "The word "ROSE".

Every time you click on the pic it changes. You need to arrange them all in order of the progression of the evolution.

Calista Fortin medal 1 game hints

The hint is behind the puzzle with the word "ROSE" written on the wall.

The clock behind the puzzle with the word "ROSE" has the arms colored the same color as the buttons. The arms of the clock indicate the amount of times you need to press the button with the same color. After you click each button the correct amount of times, a code will be revealed.


The hint is in boots located at the bottom right of the scene with the exit door and trash bin. To get the code, please follow the instructions described in "Boots".

The hint is in the puzzle behind the pictures depicting a caveman (the wall with a door, trashbin and boots). To see the exact numbers, please follow the steps described in "Caveman pics".

The hint is located at the bottom left side of the glass window, located next to the door with two birds. The hint is still incomplete.

Use spray on it. Spray is found in the trash.

Calista Fortin medal 1 game hints

You need to get the bottle of water from the trash bin next to the door with blue squares. Use water to fill up the cups according to the instructions above.

The instructions right above the cups tell you how much water should be in the cup, or in other words and using the expression written above it, it tells you how empty or how full a cup should be.

Calista Fortin medal 1 game hints

The hint is in the riddle shown after you log into the computer and pass a little game.

The quantity of numbers above the riddle is the same as the quantity of words in the riddle. The number above is the number of the letter in a particular word. For example, the first number 3 applied to the first word "kill" would produce a letter "L" since it's the third letter in the word.


The hint is on the paper with 4 rose heads with cut out pieces

Every time you click on a rose, a leaf is added to it. As the amount of leaves increases, they begin to cover the rose. The covered rose is starting to look like the roses indicated on the picture. Add up correct amount of leaves so that the 4 roses on the wall look like the roses on the picture.

1st rose: 4 leaves, 2nd rose: 6 leaves, 3rd rose: 3 leaves, 4th rose: 8 leaves

The hint is on the "Picture with 4 roses" after the puzzle is completed.

The number of leaves on each rose is the number to be entered in the box.

On the white poster on the left.


6 blue squares: in the box in the second room, behind the blue levers, behind the puzzle with glass cups

Arrange the pictures in the correct order

Plant a seed, water the seed, let it grow a little, cut the flower, give the flower, watch the flower wilt.

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