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Room Escape

Our Best Room Escape Games

Through Time 2: 2001

Through Time episode 2 Game description: this is the second episode of the Through Time series, in which we follow Alianna to the year 2001. Will she be able to solve the mystery of her birth or will she find herself trapped once again? Play this room escape game and help Alianna discover her destiny as she travels through time.

Through Time 1

Through Time 1 Through Time 1 is our first game! Game description: Tired of doing what she is told, the heroine sets out on a journey to choose her own destiny. But will she be able to break free from the social obligations? Set up in 1600s, this game will test your logic and wit as well as surprise you with a few plot twists if you pay attention. Play this challenging room escape game if you think you've got what it takes.

Calista Fortin

Game description: The aliens are invading our planet. Agent Calista Fortin has gone through rigorous training and is ready to face the threat. However, before going into the field she must undergo 5 tests to prove that she is fully prepared. At the end of each test, she will get a medal. Will she be able to do it? Or are we doomed?

Medal 1: Rescue

Calista Fortin Medal 1:Rescue In this game, Calista will get her fist medal if she passes all the tests and rescue someone in need.

Medal 2: Underwater

Calista Fortin Medal 2: Underwater In this test Calista will be locked underwater and she will have to find a way to get out before she runs out of oxygen.

Searching the Unknown:

Haunted Cabin

Searching the Unknown: Haunted Cabin Game description: When he was just 8, he saw his older brother being taken by ghosts. 20 years later he is not sure whether what he saw was real or just a product of his imagination, but he will investigate all the ghosts stories he hears about in order to find the truth.

Our Older Games


Cozy Cottage




Cross the Bridge


School Exam

Cozy Cottage

Game description: There is nothing better than being inside a cozy cottage when its cold winter...It's less nice, however, when you're locked up inside. Time to test your escape skills. This online game may be short, but it is far from easy.

Escape the Roomio

Game description:You are stuck in a weird purple room that belongs to Roomio. You must find a way to escape before Roomio comes home.

Cross the Bridge

Game description: This escape uses real photos which makes it harder to notice the smallest details. When you do notice it, it becomes quite easy. So relax and enjoy the scenery.

School Exam

Game description: "You show up late for an exam and the teacher punishes you by locking you in a room. The only way you can get out is by showing that you learnt something in school" Play this room escape game...if you've got the brains.

Our favourite scary

More Scary Games

Dress up


Red Carpet Fashion Samantha is a famous tv personality. She was nominated for an award. Help her dress up for the event.


Kristina just moved to a new city because she got a new job. Help her settle down with style by choosing the perfect outfit.

Day at the office

Kristina's Day at the Office Kristina needs to find a professional but stunning outfit for her first day at the office.

Dress up for a walk

Dress Up for a Walk It's time to go for a walk in the new city. Help Kristina find a casual outfit that would make her stand out.

Until Kristina needs your help again, play more dressup games created by other developers for free.


Barbie Monster High Halloween

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Dreams of Disney Princess

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Hipster Girl

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Boho Sweet Style

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Hidden Objects

Do you have a sharp eye for detail? Can you find an object hidden in the room? These games will test you eyes and your ability to focus. Hurry up before the time runs out.

Office Chaos

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Office Chaos

Messy House

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Messy House

Other Hidden Objects Games


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Jigsaw Puzzle

Country Puzzle

Country Puzzle game Game description: This is a challenging jigsaw puzzle game. You have to have a very sharp eye for details, as some of the puzzle pieces are very similar and hard to distinguish from each other.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature Game description: Mother Nature is an online game that falls under two categories: hidden objects and jigsaw puzzle. After you pass several levels and find all the objects you will need to assemble a jigsaw puzzle. Good luck!

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